You might have a great sex life, but there are certain things you can do to make it better. When it comes to women, sex is more than a physical activity; it is all about connecting with the partner both emotionally and with the soul. There are things that women want in bed, but most men do not know about it. The following are some of the things women want in bed. Every man should take note of this.
 Whispering in the ears
When women get their sex on, they want to look and feel sexy, and when a man whispers in their ears how sexy they look, they get them going. A woman would love to hear her man say how he enjoys being with her, and she will obviously reciprocate her man efforts.

Tell your woman why you think she is beautiful
Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Women are complex creatures, and it is never enough to tell them they are beautiful, so they need to be assured all the time. Women love it when you tell them they have a fine body and look, and they will appreciate such compliments during sex. Also, every woman wants to feel and look good from the head to the toe and not just the boobs and ass. A woman wants to be the queen of your dreams and not just an object of fantasy.

Ask your woman what she likes
Well, there is nothing that turns on a woman that when you ask her what she likes you to do to her. Many men are selfish and tend to think about themselves and don’t mind what the lady needs. As a man, avoid asking rhetorical ego booster questions that make you feel like the king. Instead, ask your woman if she likes what you are doing to her and if you are doing it right. Remember, ladies, want to enjoy the fun as much as men. Also, not all women are the same, different women have different sexual needs, and that’s why it is crucial to ask her what her needs are.

More and more foreplay
Unlike men, who can go from 0 to 80 in a second, women can take a longer tame to get aroused and eventually climax. Well, it does not mean a quickie is a bad thing, but there is no need to rush it. Women love foreplay as much as sex, and the best thing about it is that it prepares them for the grand finale. Most men are usually too excited to reach climax as well. Foreplay makes women feel great about themselves because foreplay focuses on every part of their body and this prompts the nerves.
Sex is a great thing. However, not every sex is great: that’s why it is important to understand what women want in bed so that the session could be fun and more enjoyable. Master these tips and use them whenever you can.