Best CondomsJust the way a lubricant is important to sex, condoms carry the same importance. A condom importantly reduces the risks of contracting an STI through skin to skin or transfer of body fluids. So if you decide to get reckless be sure to carry a pack with you.

Hold up,  before rushing off to pick the ‘one with the most colorful packs’, stop to consider a couple of things.

SIZE: Size definitely matters when choosing your condoms. This is not an issue of self-esteem but an important matter of your health and pleasure. Condoms actually come in different sizes because penises also come in different sizes. Why is size so important? If you buy a condom which happens to be too small, it’ll end up being too tight which will result in a distracting pain, discomfort and lead to the condom breaking –you don’t want that. Also, if the condom happens to be too big and flappy for your penis then it’ll hang loose and is almost like going to reduce the sensation and ‘slide off’. Think of it as trying out a new shirt; in fact, it is just like trying out a new shirt: too small, and it’s tight, too big and well, you know.

TEXTURE: Yes, condoms have different textures. When choosing a condom you should be careful to note their textures(they’re usually stated on the packs). You’ll find the ultra-thin, thick and extra-strength condoms. The fact that the condom says ultra-thin doesn’t necessarily mean it’d break during intercourse, it’s simply all about sensitivity.

Some contain have little, strategically placed spikes on them to add extra stimulation for the lady, this is because some women need an extra help before being able to achieve orgasm. Trust me, you need her to have that orgasm.


Variety is the spice of life. Going beyond the typical is normal, healthy and so not boring. Many condoms these days come in a variety of colors: yellow, green, blue, name it.

Also, some condoms are scented to add a certain finesse and classiness to them. Thinking about surprising your mate? Buy a glow in the dark condom and switch off the lights during sex; it’d be a huge turn on.

There are also condoms with different fruity and chocolate flavors. This gives an extra edge to oral sex; the ladies love it.

So, whether it’s a lubricant for your lady or a fancy pack of condoms for your man, be sure that this guide has got you covered. Also, know that these tips are necessary for an amazing sex life, so get some and spice ’em up.

Best Condom Reviews

There are lots of condoms out there, so how would you know the best? Here are reviews of the Best Condoms you can find on Amazon.


MY SIZE Condoms

MY SIZE Condoms

This couldn't have come at a better time. A fairly common problem in buying and using problem is the issue of size. Some people may complain that the condom is too small for them, and you can't actually blame them. We all want a condom that fits in snugly, never...

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lifestyles skyn elite condoms

lifestyles skyn elite condoms

This actually is arguably the best of the lot. It's relatively common for some people to have latex allergies, but that's nothing to get worked up about. SKYN is a non-latex with a water-based lubrication which doesn't leave you sticky. SKYN condoms have a nice taste...

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