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How do you feel when you have to spend your time in a room that is full of old furniture? It is going to dull and boring especially if it is your home where you live in. You can imagine, when you come back from your workplace, and you wish to have a relaxed and comfortable place to rest but what you get is dusty and faded chairs or sofas in this and that corners of your room. Well, you do not have to throw away all the furniture; adding one new sofa in there will make a great difference to the look as well as the atmosphere of the room. Thinking what kind of sofa or chair to buy, go to the Internet and find the so called Faux Leather Stretch Chaise Relaxation and Yoga Chair from US Pride Furniture. Designed in chocolate, the chair will be able to live up the warm feeling in your home. Do not like the color? Do not worry; you have some other options that are equally beautiful as the chocolate one, say dark chocolate, gray, light gray, green, red, dark red, orange and black. Wow, you have lots of colors to pick and add to your cart.

But wait, I do not practice yoga so why should I have a yoga chair in my house? Probably this is what you are thinking after looking at the name of the product. Do not get it wrong, try to have a look at it on Amazon and you will see that this yoga chair is just perfect to be in your room. Stretching your back after work on it feels so good, even if you have a guest coming to your home, he or she will feel comfortable sitting there. Psst, some people also take this yoga chair for lovemaking too! This means that Faux Leather Stretch Chaise Relaxation and Yoga Chair works not only for those practicing yoga, but also you who want to get extra comfort when resting, have healthy issues and need to build more intimacy with your partner without ignoring the beauty it has for the overall interior of the room. One word: incredible.

Although you have to proof it yourself so you can be sure that the sofa is worth your money, there is nothing bad to read the review first to give you a clearer image of how the product is. Sit comfortably and read the details:

Product details

As shopping via The Internet does not enable you to have a look at the product physically, product details are important to know. Talking about Faux Leather Stretch Chaise Relaxation and Yoga Chair, you will be given the following dimensions and features:

* Dimensions : 29 inch high x 14 inch wide x 67 inch long

* Upholstery fill: foam

* Weight: 48 pounds

* Materials: faux leather soft surface, solid wood

* Finish: Black plastic legs

With such dimensions and features, the yoga and lovemaking sofa suits two persons. Therefore, your partner will be happy when you bring this home. Some customers question whether it is going to be comfortable when lying on it and the answer is of course. The premium quality of artificial leather provides you with the softness of the surface; no wonder that once you are in the chair, you do not want to move from there. Is the leather breathable? Unfortunately, it is not that unbreathable, so you need to prepare a towel to absorb the moisture after working on the chair. The good thing is the material is easy to clean, no need to put much effort to wipe it down.

Best use of the product

There are some common properties used for yoga, like yoga mats and a round equipment you see as a big ball. Now you can add one more property when practicing yoga, this chocolate yoga chair. When you have a look at the design, you know that the shape can help you doing yoga movements by supporting your back and other parts of your body. The bonus you may obtain form it is the thick but soft surface, giving you comfort during the time. Also, the sturdy construction of the chair is helpful for those who have problems with their back; the pain that comes when you lay down on a surface for too long.

Coming to the hottest topic here, a lovemaking sofa. Perhaps once in a while, you make love in the sofa with your partner but by using the chair, you get a new sensation in a way that you can explore more positions. Yes, more positions than what you can do in your lovely bed. Not only young people, 50-year-old couples are extremely happy doing the activities on the sofa. It is a wow, isn’t it?

What customers say

Faux Leather Stretch Chaise Relaxation and Yoga Chair from US Pride Furniture gets 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Although that is not a perfect rating many of the customers agree that the purchase is worth their money, they do not regret buying the product. As a lovemaking chair, the product of US Pride Furniture is a lot more affordable than others, plus you get free shipping for this. With around $200 only, you can have the chair sent to your home.

Let’s stop calling it as a lovemaking chair or sofa; we talk about it in general. Many customers say that they are happy with the chair that it is as functional as it is advertised, it is well-made; it is a great piece of furniture; overall it is just perfect. They even say it is too bad that the chair is made recently as supposing it was available 30 years ago, they would have bought it.

Your bedroom is not the only good place for the furniture; the multifunction sofa should be in other rooms as well. Therefore, buying only one will not be enough. Get the yoga chair as soon as possible with your preferable color.

Check it out on Amazon!

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  • Well made
  • Very comfortamble
  • Excellent quality


  • Not breathable material