Spicing up Your Life with Liberator Esse Sensual Lounge Chair

What will happen if you feel your sex life is getting dull and boring? It is almost impossible to leave it behind, but you do not feel happy with that. When you think doing the second honeymoon cost you too much, why don’t you try to spice up your sex life by getting Liberator Esse Sensual Lounge Chair? The cause of your boredom may not be the same as other people but adding something new to your intimate activities will do well to live up the mood. When another sex chair has the design that is acceptable to be used for an ordinary sofa so you can put it in your living room, this sensual lounge chair is better to place in your room. No, the design is not bad or something so your guests should not see it. It is designed in such a way so you can do as many positions as you like when doing the activities with your partner and you want to keep that privately, right? That is the reason why the chair is a fantastic additional furniture for your room.

Although the name indicates the primary use of the lounge, does it have any other possible use? Sure it does. The combination between thick and soft foam, smooth cover and robust construction, the furniture is also nice for those people who have problems with back pain and other similar health issues. It supports your back perfectly and therefore you can improve the quality of your sleep without feeling the ache. The multifunction of Liberator Esse Sensual Longue Chair makes it worth buying for sure. What is interesting is that with the greatness and quality it has, you can afford the sofa only with $399 and free shipping! Where else you can find this excellent offer except in Amazon.

You must be familiar with the way ordering a product via Amazon so no need to talk further about that. What you need to notice is the details of the product and some other useful information summarized in the review below to give you a better view of the sensual chair. Get your partner with you and read this carefully:

Dimensions and features

Talking about the dimensions, as it is called as a sensual sofa, the size must be quite large to support two persons. The fact is it is large with 64 x 24 x 23 inches and 38 pounds in weight. Do not worry about breaking down the chair when you and your partner are on it as it can handle up to 350 lbs. Due to high-density foam for firm and supportive cushioning. Yes, the strength is wonderful, and that is the powerful reason for you to be sure to have it one in your room. Besides, there are some features you have to know:

* As it is a chair, it is slimmer than a bed thus it gives you a better access both of you will enjoy. It is just great for more and better positions.

* Headrest is included. Frankly speaking, it is useful for raising up knees or adding extra height for standing positions. Whew, it is going to be exciting.

* Considering the two previous points, the sensual chair is perfect for you who look to spice up your life or those with health concerns looking for greater comfort.

* It is made in the USA, no need to worry about the quality.

* It is removable, machine-washable cover.

Is there any other sex sofa offering you the features? Try to look for it and be prepared to be disappointed as this is just the best chair you should have by now. You will not regret your decision to invest your money on this.


Best use of the product

Let’s take the name as the starting point to reveal the best use of the product. This is a sex sofa so you must know the main use of it is to provide a new lease to your sex life. No matter how comfortable your bed is, there must be a time when you no longer love doing the amorous activities in there, either it is because of boredom or other particular conditions. Liberator Esse Sensual Longue Chair can be your new playground that gives you another enjoyable sensation during the happy time. Exploring new positions is possible with this love longue and that is why this product is bought together with the periodic table of sex. Yes, it is true.

The second best use of Liberator Esse Sensual Longue Chair is to support your bad back. No research has shown that the chair can cure the pain you feel, nobody conducts research on this anyway. But if you are talking about alleviating the discomfort, you get the right equipment. The firm foam constructing the chair is strong enough to support your back without sinking, making you feel in an agony. It is a better alternative than lying on your bed.

What customers say

When buying things online, customers’ reviews is one of the best considerations you can take before making any decision. Glad to say that Liberator Esse Sensual Longue Chair gets 4.3 out of 5 stars that indicate the product is quite recommended. Most of the customers agree they purchase a great product with wonderful function. Although not all of them think the price is affordable, at last, they do believe that it is not such a waste to spend $399 for the long last sensual longue chair to spice up their life as well as helping them coping with back pain.

What about the cons? The bad news is there is no bad news. All they say is they are satisfied and that the product is beyond their expectations. So what are you waiting for? Be the next person who feels the comfort and hotness of the  chair. Do not forget to leave your feedback and support other people taking the same decision as you.

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