Liberator Wedge and Ramp ComboWedge and Ramp

Liberator has done us proud this time around with new Wedge Ramp Combo; this amazing device comes with two professionally-designed shapes that will revolutionize any sexual experience in your love life and let you enjoy and experience a wide array of new sex positions while encouraging you to be creative yourself. This device features an amazing ergonomic design that makes it extremely flexible and versatile at the same time, and this makes sure that you and the love of your life enjoy longer and more fun sex sessions.

Also, the liberator wedge combo is made of microfiber material that makes sure that all the shapes are intact and are held firmly, letting you have the freedom to do what your mind wishes without having to worry about the shapes moving away from the bed. You will also love the ergonomic angles because they put you and your partner in stable and comfortable positions to express yourself in sensation and passion without worrying about exerting pressure on the wrists, knees or back.

You can as well move the wedge from one place to another so as to get the best support you want in any part of your body. You can also use the ramp and wedge separately to give you more variety and some opportunities to be as creative as you want.


Key features of Liberator wedge

The wedge features an angled intimate positioning cushions that let you have as many positions as you like. The pillows are made to work apart or together for even more variety. What you will also appreciate about the pillows is that they create a comfortable yet supportive medium that carries off the weight of the backs and the knees and gives you and your partner the best angles. The wedge and ramp are made of high-density foam that not only provides support but also helps prevent you and your partner from sinking into your body. Unlike other devices on the market, this one is very convenient because you can easily remove the microfibers and wash them with the machine. The covers feel lush against the skin which makes you feel more comfortable.

That is not all, the liberator wedge and ramp comes with moisture-resistant liners to make sure the foam core remains as dry as possible
The wedge machine takes a lot of pride for being manufactured in the United States. Also, the device is environmentally friendly, and so you don’t have to worry about that. It is normally shipped vacuum-compressed to minimize shipping costs.

The wedge measures 24 inches long, 14 inches wide and has a height of 7 inches. For the ramp, the length measures 34 inches while the width is 24 inches and with a height of 12 inches.


If you have been suffering and not enjoying sex for a while, you don’t have to anymore. With an amazing device such as this, your sexual experience could become better and more fun.


Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo











  • High quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Puts a smile on both of the faces 😉


  • None!