Sometimes, we all get hooked up with other things such as work, kids, business and all sorts of things that we forget about our sex life. Well, this is not a good thing, especially if you are married, or you are in a sexually active relationship, now and then our sex lives deserve some upgrade. You would be happy to know that getting freaky has a way of becoming stale the more you log with your lover. Fortunately, you can easily turn things around by learning different sex positions. There is more than thirty orgasm inducing techniques that you can learn.
All of these positions can be easily achieved if you have some sex sofas !
This best sex position guide will satisfy all your bedroom curiosity and needs. Continue to read as we unravel some of the best sex positions of all time.
Pretzel Dip
The woman lies on her right side, and then the man kneels. The woman then straddles her right leg and curl her right leg around the man’s left side. The best thing about this position is that the woman gets a deeper penetration of doggy style while staring her man. Also, the man can take advantage of this position and get his hands to work.
In this position, the woman lies on the bed while her face is down, hips slightly raised and legs straight. The benefit of this position is that it creates a snug fit. The man’s penis will feel larger. To get the best out this position,  some deep breathing and shallow thrusts will help the man last longer.
The woman lies on her back with the legs resting on the man’s shoulder. This position is superb because when the woman raises the legs, it narrows the vagina and it becomes easy for the man to hit the G-spot. The man can rock his woman in up and down or side to side motion. This brings the manhood in contact with the G-spot.
Face off
The man sits the edge of a bed or on a strong chair, and the woman sits on his lap while facing him. This sex position puts the woman in control, especially on the depth and angle of entry and thrust. The position is also perfect for marathon sex because being seated offers support. Also,  both the man and the woman can make good use of their hands and make things more interesting.
Cowgirl’s helper
If you know cowgirl sex position, then you must be familiar with this position.  Typically, the woman kneels on top of the man while sliding up and down his thighs. The man can also support the weight of his woman and grab her thighs and hips while he rises to thrust. It is easier to climax with this position because a lot of stress is directed to the legs. In addition, this is a female dominant sex position, and so she can delay her climax. So, it is a win- win kind of a deal.