The only interesting and fun thing about a break up may be a breakup sex. However, this only happens if a couple broke up on mutual terms and without the knowledge of third parties. Well, there are other instances that can prompt a breakup sex such as meeting up to trade something or an excuse that may bring a two exes together. The truth of the matter is that this is confusing and hot at the same time, but it can be incredible.
In this article, you shall learn a few things you probably did not know about breakup sex:
It does not always happen
When you break up with a person, a lot of things usually run in your mind, a whole of tension and immense feelings, and that is the reason sex is more likely to happen. At the same time, there is a lot of expectation although one person usually knows having sex is probably the worst idea, and then you are left feeling stupid with frustration.
It can be fantastic
Many people expect breakup sex to be bad because you have already decided not to be together. Maybe you are hurt or angry, emotional or sad. However, none of that makes sense it terms of aphrodisiacs, and at times the sex is just great, which is not right anyway! But still, that makes it worth the while.
The sex would not necessarily be great
Sometimes, a breakup sex may not be that great and it may end up being clumsy, anticlimactic and just bad. This is because there is really no relationship sweetness to fill the gap. So, you and your ex just have a very bad sex. Just imagine! Two you having sex with someone who has just decided to part ways with you and doesn’t love you anymore. You will feel extremely bad and worthless after the ordeal- it is strange as hell.
It is hard to know when it will stop
Whether it is the actual act, leaving the bed or post-sex cuddling, to some extent the spell will be broken. You will still get back to reality check- that you have still broken up. Therefore, either you or your ex is going to linger. But do not expect things will get back to normal after that host and steamy sex.

Breakup sex can be a bad gateway
No matter how prepared you are in your breakup, sex is not just a physical thing. It comes with a lot of emotional attachments and that can mess up and confuse things. It’s easy to think your partner loves you all over again or make you remember how good he or she is in bed and for some moment, the reasons for the breakup may not seem legit or make sense anymore. Whether you choose to get back together or decide to remain friends with benefits, you should make sure that you are not stuck in that loved-up glow.