Sex addiction can be defined as some behaviors that are done in excess and has an enormous impact on person’s life in a negative way. Although the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not state sex addiction as a medical condition, many studies and research show that there is the prevalence of dangerous sexual behavior that is somewhat similar to a chemical addition.
Different forms of sexual addictions
•    Masochistic or sadistic behavior.
•    Exhibition or voyeurism.
•    Prostitution.
•    Pornography.
•    Masturbation or fantasy.
•    Other excessive sexual pursuits.
Some signs can show whether a person is addicted to sex. These can either be physical or emotional. Also, it is crucial to know the negative effects of sexual addiction.
Emotional signs of sex addiction
If you suffer from sexual addiction, or if you know someone who is going through the condition, you may not have any healthy boundaries. If your partner is addicted sex or porn, you may feel isolated, alienated, and angry, depressed and require some treatment yourself. If you are an addict yourself, it is easy to become involved with people emotionally or sexually despite how well you know them. Also, most sex addicts hate being left alone; they may even choose to stay in unhealthy relationships or jump from one relationship to another. When they are alone, they may feel incomplete or empty. They are more likely to feel guilty, fear or have a sense of loneliness.
Physical signs of sex addiction
Although sex addiction can result in many physical side effects, there are only a few physical signs of this condition. However, one of the most noticeable physical effects of sexual addictions is not being able to be mobile due to emotional or sexual obsessions.
Effects of sex addiction
Many people don’t know, but the effects of sex addiction can be dangerous and alarming. According to a report published by the Department Management of the USDA, 45 percent of women and 39 percent of men with sex addictions carry diseases that arise from their sexual behaviors. Another major effect of sex addiction is pregnancy. This is bound to occur because of risky behavior. In one recent research, about 70 percent of sexually addicted women claimed to have had at least one unwanted pregnancy because of their addiction. Also, sex addiction comes with some negative effects on various aspects of a person’s life.
It can lead to the following
A decline in social, personal relationships as well as family engagement
Lack of productivity and decreased concentration at work
It can also have serious psychological effects such as inadequacy, feelings of shame and even emotional distress, and this can cause depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and problems connected to emotion dysregulation and impulse control
Obsessive-compulsive symptoms
It is very crucial that you know how to address co-occurring issues in a person’s life such as social anxiety, depression and social isolation can make it easy to recover from sex addiction.