The following tips will help you avoid Viagra! There are several things you can do to help you and your partner get your sex life back to normal. Also, do not worry, you are not alone in this. Well, we all know how bad sexual dysfunction effects can affect both men and women across all the ages. There are a number reasons that can cause this including but not limited to stress, chronic illness as well as anxiety.
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Try and taste the forbidden fruit
Well, there is less evidence that supports the effectiveness of certain types of foods. However, there is no crime in the experiment, or is there? Avocados, Figs, bananas, for instance, they are known for being good at promoting libido, referred to aphrodisiacs. Also, these foods also come with other benefits such as minerals and vitamins that help to increase the blood flow into the penis as well as promoting a healthy sex life.
Consume as much chocolate as possible
Chocolate has been a great symbol of sex and desire throughout history, and this is not only because of its amazing taste but because it possesses power that promotes libido. According to research, stimulates the production of serotonin and phenyl ethylamine into the body. This, in turn, lifts mood and produce some aphrodisiac. Effects of chocolate are known to be psychological than biological.
Consume your herbs on a daily basis
Herbs such as garlic and basil come in handy when it comes to promoting libido. Basil has a very strong smell that stimulates senses. On the other hand, garlic contain has levels of allicin, and this promotes blood flow. This also helps to treat erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo biloba comes from the Chinese tree called ginkgo tree. This compound is known to treat sexual dysfunction.
This is an alkaloid found in a West African tree, and it is known all over Africa as a natural Viagra. Certain research has indicated that the plant can also help a man retain an erection, and improves the quality of an erection. Although other researchers claim that it is not matched to Viagra.
Improve your self-confidence
How you feel about your body has an effect on how you perceive sex. Lack of exercises and poor diet may compel you to have a low self-image, and this may discourage you from enjoying sex. So, the best thing you can do is to shift focus from your problems and concentrate on your attributes. Also, concentrate on the pleasure experience when having sex.
Wine is gold
Wine is known to boost sexual desire. Drinking at least a glass of wine can increase your desire to become intimate and can also put you at ease. However, excess alcohol may affect your sexual performance by compromising erectile function. Also, alcohol has a tendency of affecting orgasm.
Mediate and relieve stress
Take ample time to get rid of the stress out of your mind even if you are healthy. This is because too much stress can affect sex drive.
Purchase a sex sofa
And last but not least a sex sofa like esse chair can help you become a rocket in bed!