If you have never had sex before, then you need to learn the following commandments for first-time sex. With these sex tips, you will surely have a sexual experience that is not only satisfying but also enjoyable. Also if you have a liberator chair you are really lucky for a neewbie!
Let us start:
Safety is king
There is nothing like a 100 percent safe sex, but you can still be safer. First of all, a lady should make sure her man wears a condom even if she is on pill or family planning. Also, both partners should discuss in details their respective sexual histories. Although this may sound negative, a majority of heterosexual women have a high probability of getting sexually transmitted infections (STI) than men. Therefore, there is a dire need for the woman to take a proactive interest in her sexual health.
Do not expect much
Many first time victims usually set their bars very high and have high expectations. You need to understand that sex is a learning process; you only get to be better with time, especially as you learn to understand the sexual needs of your partner and become comfortable with each other. Therefore, there is no need to pressure yourself to make it the most outstanding night ever, because that is one of the many great moments to come.
Breather deep and release tension
First time sex can not only be never wracking, but also a tensed event, and pain is also bound to be there at times. However, to correct this, you can take long deep breathes to relax and shake off the tension.
Engage in foreplay as much as possible
Sex is not only about the intercourse, but it also comprises of all the other factors that lead to the actual act, kissing, oral sex, touching and so much more.
Ensure you are completely aroused before intercourse
It is imperative to be genuinely turned on. For the woman, you should ensure you are well-lubricated. If you are too dry, then the man will find it difficult to enter you, and you are more likely to feel pain because of friction. And also, as a result, the condom may rip off. You can also use water-based lubes.
Speak up
You and your partner should let each other know what feels great and what does not. Many men love feedback, so, there is no need to be shy in telling him how the sex was.
Stop assuming he is an expert
He may be getting a lot of his tricks from porn and Google and stories from his friends or sex books. And even if he has experience, every sexual session is different and unique. Plus he may be too worried about satisfying you.
Do not expect an orgasm
It is not a bad thing to orgasm on your first sexual encounter, however, for most women, it is normally a dream, especially with a new man. To orgasm, a woman needs to comfortable with her guy, and the man should also understand the woman’s body. However, all this takes time and patience.